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Massage procedures, Wellness and relaxation, Ayurveda

Welcome to Planet Zen, the guardian of your balance.

We would like to inform you about upcoming renovations at Planet Zen in the Maximilian Hotel.

The last massage before the renovations of the Maximilian Hotel can be enjoyed on January 19, 2019. From January 24, 2019 until the reopening of Hotel Maximilian later this year, we would like to welcome you to our interim studio at Hotel Josef, Rybna 20, Prague 1 – a short 3-minute walk from the Maximilian location. More information can be found here.

Thank you for your understanding!


Massage procedures

Do you long for an overall relaxation of your body, a relief for your painful back or simply a massage of your feet at the end of a demanding day? There is a wide choice of means with us, but the goal remains same. To restore the harmony of your body and mind.


Wellness and relaxation

Let your skin enjoy the curing effect of nature and experience the feel of exotics. Let yourself be captured by the gentle tones of Asia and your eyes rest on the Zen of our study.

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Let the curing power of the ancient India treat you. Its ancient wisdom enables preventing of diseases and it often cures illnesses that the Western medicine is unable to cure.


Zen of nutrition / A path to find the balance

Every person is an original with various needs and tastes. Therefore upon consultations in the area of nutrition our nutrition specialists take into account especially the uniqueness of your path to find the balance.

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