60 min/1800 CZK

To bring out your glow start with a skin peeling and deep pore cleasing which will properly prepare your skin for the fireworks aftercare - a combination of facial massage, lifting treatment of the eye area, and a argan mask for cell regeneration - which will restore brightness and skin tone. The treatment ensures, deep hydration, gradual restoration of the face structure, a radiant and visibility younger looking skin with a clear suppression of singns fatigue or stress. This facial treatment combined with hands reflexology will leave you feeling refreshed & restored.


60 min/950 CZK

Soak your feet in the magical composition of Savon Noir products made with ecalyptus and vitamin E, followed by a natural pumice stone rub to remove comeous skin, Afterwards enjoy a reflexology massage of the soles, finishing with a honey based wrap to nourish your feet to perfection while also enjoying and acupressure treatment for your hands.


30 min/950 CZK

Unique combination of massage techniques focused on the head, neck and shoulders completes the wrap - honey mask to hydrate your hair. This procedure can be combined with another treatments.