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A seemingly ever-lasting series of massages that combine a heavenly experience with super-natural effects.

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It is almost impossible to describe something as perfect as five hours of luxurious treatment using Panpuri cosmetics. You are never going to forget this ritual scented with jasmine as you draw as near as possible to a complete rebirth. The length of the procedure adds an entirely new dimension relaxation, energy and regeneration.

This relaxing ritual starts with inhalation while warming up the body in an herb-steam cabin, followed by a foot massage. Your mind calms down, your muscles relax and your body is ready for a peeling treatment to remove dead keratin cells. The regeneration process initiated in your body is enhanced by a detoxifying hair mask of coconut and egg yolk, leaving your hair healthy and shiny, followed by a luxurious bath in a stone bathtub with Piper – Heidsieck Champagne as refreshment. The face oil massage that fallows using natural Thai cosmetic products containing antioxidant Free-Radical Defence Complex™ will protect your skin from aging and damage. Now your body is ready for deep cleansing with a body-pack treatment that includes your palms and fingers. Gentle peeling with essential oils prevents pigmentation and opens up your energy lines. A relaxing aromatherapy oil massage of the entire body completes the treatment.