Vasti Therapy

995 Kč

Detoxification treatment with hot oil. 4 varieties: Geeva Vasti – upper back; Uro Vasti – chest; Kadi Vasti – lower back; Janu Vasti – knee joints.

Length: 45 min.

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Treat yourself to special, detoxifying Panchakarma therapies that utilize ancient methods using small tubs made from URAT, Indian dough. The tubs are gradually filled with hot oil and placed on key body points. As a result of the relaxation experienced by your whole body, your mind acquires the desired lightness.

Greeva Vasti takes the weight of the world off your shoulders, while taking care of both your nape and cervical spine. Uro Vasti literally gives you your second wind. This therapy focuses upon the respiratory system and combats asthma. Kadi Vasti dissolves your worries away by providing your shoulders with necessary relief. This therapy relaxes your lower back and gives relief during menstruation or if you are suffering from kidney problems. Janu Vasti concentrates on the knees and eases away the problems of arthritis. For a man to be able to move forward in life, his steps should not pain him.


45 minutes